Conference at which presentation was given:
‘Warehousing & Distribution SA ™  Conference 2001’
Name of presentation:

‘Cross Docking in South Africa – UPN – A Case Study’

Subject of presentation:

‘Gaining a better understanding of the cross docking trend growing in
South Africa by investigating it’s inherent opportunities and risks to enable you to
utilise this practice in the best interests of your operation’

The Presentation Agenda

Preliminary Overview – Introduced the subject to the audience discussed the integrated information flow and execution necessary to make cross docking work and the reasons for utilising this option I.e. Operation ‘through-flow’ negating the need for non-value-adding receiving, binning and picking thus reducing the impact of damages, double handling and stock going missing and enhancing security.

Introduction – The case study company Universal Product Networks (UPN) was introduced with a brief explanation of the company and its diverse operations I.e. Foods & textile distribution for Woolworth and Central News Agency (CNA) covering books and stationary items.The following questions were explored:

  • What is the concept called Cross Docking and “Why do we do it?”
  • What is the object of Cross Docking?
  • When should we make use of it?
  • How will it benefit our business over and above the process already in place!

The presentation study covered techniques to ensure successful cross docking, relationships with suppliers and retailers, measurements to manage the process, and cross docking integrity, safety and security.

Photographic examples were provided of the various cross docking principles and each process was discussed. Cross docking methodologies employed included frozen products in sealable containers, pre-packed high value items (meat), perishable food stuffs, groceries, books and stationary, garments and materials and opportunistic consignments.

The warehouse partnership with the suppliers and retailers was explored including the trust, security and reputations of the various components of the supply chain.

The closed loop cycle of order to cash was emphasised with the benefits of product availability and customer satisfaction.

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