The book has been divided into three areas of focus, these areas consist of:
The section covers the personal comportment of the individual and the requirements related to self development.  It looks at personal ethics, leadership requirements and balancing the home/work relationship.
This section looks at team management, motivation and relationship building.  The difficulties of multi-cultural environments, managing diversity and dissent and friends and family in the workplace are addressed.  Managing up and managing down are addressed in conjunction with communication techniques.
This section deals with the practicalities of physical management of operations, procedures, processes and establishment of ethical standards in the work environment.  The difficulties of balancing personal career aspirations with work loyalty are explored.  Advice is provided on day-to-day practical management issues, setting of standards and developing Key Performance Indicators and Areas.
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Bridging the Gap between People and the Service Level expectation

An invitation was received to speak at the Field Service Management & Workforce Mobility Summit held in Abu Dhabi on 3 and 4 May. Presentation Topic:  Bridging the gap between People and the Service Level expectation covering the following subjects:...

Understanding Global best practice in Warehousing Transformation

For the full presentation Glimpses of Warehouse MENA 29-30 April 2019

Motivating Your Field Services Teams to Leverage the Best Performance

After receiving an invitation from CET Middle East (Customer Engagement Technology Forum) to speak at the Future of Field Services Management Masterclass under the theme ‘Transforming field services from cost to profit centre’, a presentation was made under the...

Smart Fleet Management

The conference theme looked at current and future technologies in fleet and transport management and how they can be used to benefit the transport and logistics business in general. My presentation looked at the human element from the following perspectives; Matching...

Cross Docking in South Africa

Conference at which presentation was given: 'Warehousing & Distribution SA ™  Conference 2001' Name of presentation: 'Cross Docking in South Africa - UPN - A Case Study' Subject of presentation: 'Gaining a better understanding of the cross docking trend growing in...

Taking Control of your Productivity

After receiving an invitation from Field Services Management Middle East to do a presentation at their inaugural conference held in Dubai under the theme 'Improving the Art of Service Delivery', a presentation was made under the subject 'Taking Control of Your...
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