After receiving an invitation from CET Middle East (Customer Engagement Technology Forum) to speak at the Future of Field Services Management Masterclass under the theme ‘Transforming field services from cost to profit centre’, a presentation was made under the subject
Motivating Your Field Services Teams to Leverage the Best Performance.

The presentation addressed the need to see motivation as a holistic process starting at management level and integrating it through the teams and individuals to achieve the required benefits. The emphasis was on the need for managers to first be motivated and through motivational leadership, transform their team.

The subject was covered in the following steps:

Transforming cost to profit – The Human Factor

This introduction outlined the need to engage the mind and the impact emotions have on performance.

Individual Needs – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This section covered the basic human needs in terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and where the company aspect fits into those needs.

Corporate Needs

The corporate’s hierarchy of needs and where individual welfare fits in was explored highlighting the great miss-match between corporate and individual needs.

Imbalance of Needs to Expectations

The need to balance the individual’s expectations and needs against that of the corporations was discussed here highlighting that without achieving a balance, motivation is difficult and moral will remain very poor.

Management Efforts vs Employee Understanding

Four slides covered in brief the typical approach and efforts of management to motivate and inspire teams and the way this is often perceived by staff.

The Relationship between Leadership, Management & Motivation

The different interconnectedness of attributes of Management, Leadership and Motivation that make up the individual manager were investigated with the emphasis on the importance of all three attributes being present in the Manager/Leader in order to be able to inspire a team.

Rules of Leadership, Management and Motivation

This section looked at each of the above attributes separately and in some depth to ascertain how Managers/Leaders need to comport themselves to set the example and to motivate their teams. These principles are taken from my book ‘Ivan’s Rules of Management’.

Basic Principles of Motivation

This section covers 20 basic principles that need to be adhered to by any manager/leader wishing to motivate either individuals, or teams. These principles are taken from my up-coming book ‘Ivan’s Rules of Motivation’.

Difficulties of Motivating Field Services Staff

Here the main factors impacting on motivation of field services staff were discussed.

How do We Motivate Field Services Staff?

This section looked at how to balance the motivation of individuals and teams against the back-drop of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by exploring what needs to be done to meet each of the hierarchy criteria.


This section wrapped up the presentation by highlighting the succinct points again.



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