I gave the following training to the RDC (Ruwais Distribution Center) management and supervisors.
It was a whole day training session wherein we did the Motivation & Development training first and then the Management and Leadership training with a goal setting session second.

This training session was covered in six sections:

Section One

  • Introductory section covering human verses corporate needs
  • Top-down Motivation and communication misconceptions
  • The Relationship between Leaders, Management and Motivation
  • The basic rules of Management, Leadership and Motivation

Section Two

  • Section focused on the need for personal motivation in leadership positions
  • Basic Principles of personal motivation
  • Personal Motivation – Comportment – how one should behave
  • Personal Motivation – Actions – what one can do

Section Three

  • Section consisted of a physical exercise and discussion on Personal Evaluation and goal setting

Section Four

  • Section focused on the basic principles of team motivation
  • Work gratification
  • Individual mentoring and motivation
  • People management and KPI’s
  • Team motivation

Section Five

  • Serendipitous motivation, how to harness good luck and good fortune
  • Impressions of leadership and success

Section Six

  • Section pulled together all the above sections
  • Focused on the link between motivation and meeting the requirements of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Closing Statement

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