Conference at which presentation was given:
Smarter Fleet Operations 2017′

After receiving an invitation from Marcus Evans Conferences to do a presentation at their ‘Smarter Fleet Operations’ conference held in Dubai, a presentation was made under the subject ‘Optimising Driver Behaviour Management for the highest levels of Safety and Operational efficiency’

The presentation was made using a framework of four subjects:

Improving Driver Safety

Through effective motivation, measurement and balancing of Corporate needs with Individual needs.

  • Transform the Human Factor
  • Ensure that your staff and company needs are balanced
  • Motivation is the key – balance Management, Leadership & Motivation
  • If you can’t measure them, you can’t manage them
  • Safety should be intrinsic, second nature, you corporate culture

Implementing Safety Initiatives

Such as Value Based Safety (VBS) & Responsible Care ® to cultivate an effective safety culture in your organisation.

  • Culture is a transformation, not an application
  • Identify the culture currently within your company
  • Determine the culture you would like to see prevail
  • Transformation will require buy-in from the very top
  • Implementation must happen through all levels from top to the bottom

Putting Driver Motivation at the Centre of Your Fleet Management

  • Understand the Person you have Employed
  • Understand the Human Impact on Fleet Performance
  • Introduce Shared KPI’s
  • Linking Driver Motivation and Fleet Management

Managing Driver Stress and Fatigue

  • Understand what your Telematics Platform can deliver in terms of driver information
  • Integrate the Telematics information into the driver performance management and evaluation process
  • In diversified fleets, seek a platform that can collate all data through a single device
  • Use a tech-savvy individual for systems management and data collation and presentation

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